Mr Eric Degert in CLERMONT DES LANDES (Landes, France) replaced his SOLAR 20 Plucker with a SOLAR 30 in January 2013.

"We pluck from 600 to 900 ducks per week. We had a SOLAR 20 and a SOLAR 30 Head/Neck. The increase in demand led us to replace our SOLAR 20 with the full SOLAR 30 range, and we are very satisfied with this decision."

Mr Capdeboscq of Gourgoussa Farm in LAURET (Landes, France) bought a SOLAR 20 Plucker and a SOLAR 30 Head/Neck in September 2010.

"We are very satisfied with our DARRAÏDOU machines. They're very efficient and we never have an issue with plucking about 5,000 ducks per year."

Régine of Roulland Farm in BADEFOLS D'ANS (Dordogne, France) bought a SOLAR 10 in October 2012.

"We pluck 5,000 ducks per year. We're very satisfied with our DARRAÏDOU Plucker. Cleaning it is particularly easy. I regret not having got the Head/Neck option to start with, as it is the most tiring part of plucking."

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Régine (Badefols d'Ans - Dordogne, France)

"We’re very satisfied..."

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Mr Capdeboscq (Lauret - Landes, France)

"They’re very efficient ..."

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Mr Degert (Clermont - Landes, France)

"We pluck from 600 to 900 ducks..."

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